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‘I don’t know why I’m crying, this is first time I have felt happy in five years, thank you Tim"

Ms J


"‘You made me feel as if I could conquer the world, you guided me to tranquility and left me astonished all the way home as if you'd permanently eased my life. You as a person are somebody that's uniquely gifted, unmatchable and god given. If, which I hope, I have any more episodes of coming to London to record, I with my utmost promise will contact you for relaxation and nerve relief."

Mr G

"Good news - this morning for the first time in over a year I felt comfortable enough to get on the train without taking any of my medication which is a HUGE thing for me… I never imagined I'd cry (happy tears obviously) over something so small but hopefully this is the start of something good - thank you!"

Miss H

Sales Director

"I have thoroughly tested my will to quit having had some heavy drinking nights and a music festival I attended which I have always associated with smoking and I passed that test with flying colours. You’ll probably start hearing from people that I have referred to you over the next few weeks!"

Mr H

Investment Analyst

"I never dreamed that I would sleep properly again (ha ha!)... Thanks Tim"

Mrs J


"Thats really touching on many levels…. the fact that they enjoyed it and welcomed it rather than just feeling like they had to do it.

Really interesting… thanks again x"

Film Production Company

"I have not eaten any sugar or indeed anything sweet since I saw u and have no craving for anything sweet. I have also made a lot more time for my self without actually consciously doing it and my sleep pattern is very much improved!"

Mrs G

Marketing Consultant

"We are in the hospital now, she is a lot calmer… she’s talking to people and she’s doing really well… Can’t thank you enough!"

Mrs H (o.b.o. mother)

"I'm not exactly sure what has happened but things seem different. I'm not sweating anymore and I am thinking much more clearly. I don't understand why it was such an issue before."

Mr P


"I actually feel really good about things. I'm trying to relax more and go with the flow as we discussed last week. I feel as if I'm making progress and would like another session a little later on, so I'll be in touch. Thank you for your help!"

Ms C


"My diet is much better and I seem to have given up processed food although that was a minimum. I have also stopped the coffees after work other than one per week now. I am also back on my exercise machine for 30 mins a day. I also do the deep breathing and walk down those 20 steps almost daily except they r now set in a beautiful country house and the chair is on a veranda looking into green fields!!

So its all going well and I just need to make some time to take it all in really."

Mrs G


"Great to see you last week, I loved that session! Sailed this weekend, two long days, I helmed and wasn't anywhere near as panicky as I used to be, still not 100% comfortable and I made a massive mistake and had a panic yesterday but overall much better. See you next week."

Mrs P